Why Need To Precast?

Quality, value, Performance

Most people may not know the existence of the hidden systems that make life today: civilized. Health and rain water pipes, culverts, catch basins, pump / lift stations, septic tanks, grease interceptors appearance, water storage tanks, wet wells, electricity, telecommunications vault and many other products in the maintenance of a clean and healthy a key role in production environment, it is the civilized world population.

Without these systems, life would be very different. Most of the credit, can be considered a major component of these systems are usually composed of precast concrete.

Here are some of the reasons pre-cast concrete is healthy, safety and protection of the environment is an ideal material:
Many of the benefits of precast concrete including: strength, durability, quality, buoyancy, fire resistance, chemical resistance, quality control, ultraviolet sensitivity, environment-friendly, weather resistance, weather dependent reduction, easy installation, modular delivery, Low maintenance costs.

Strength: precast concrete gradually increase the intensity of the time. Other materials can deteriorate, experience creep and stress relaxation, lose strength and / or transfer over time. In the carrying capacity of precast concrete from its own structural qualities and does not rely on force or the quality of the surrounding backfill materials.

Durability. Studies have shown that precast concrete products can provide more than 100 years of life. For serious conditions of service, additional design options, can extend the service life of precast concrete products. This is extremely important to life, calculated as the cost of a project cycle.

A large number of production: pre-cast concrete products can be used as vehicular traffic, because of its size and weight of the effective barrier. In the current world climate, such as planting, light boxes and road barriers to precast concrete products are increasingly being used to provide a venue for protection of new varieties.

Light-weighting. 2.40 With the proportion of pre-cast concrete products and the active resistance level below the building. In contrast, glass fibers 1.86 and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) the proportion of a 0.97 ratio.

Fire resistance. Precast concrete non-combustible. In addition, the concrete will not lose its structural capacity nearly as quickly as possible iron and steel, now see an attack on the World Trade Center and the towers' subsequent failure of important factors to consider. In addition to cement and steel and other materials, flammable and / or non-compliance with good temperature. Glass fiber began to lose in the 200 high-density polyethylene structural integrity of the 266 began to melt

Chemical resistance. Precast concrete resistant to most of the material. However, no material is immune to corrosive chemical attack. Therefore, it is a wise choice with the longest life expectancy of the material. Precast concrete products can be designed to withstand anticipated corrosive.

Quality Control: Because precast concrete products are usually produced in a controlled environment, they have a high quality and consistency. The variables affecting quality typically found at the scene, temperature, humidity, material, technology - almost eliminated from the environment in the plant.

UV sensitivity: with some other materials, precast concrete will not reduce the exposure to the sun. This is a very useful terrestrial applications.

Environmental Protection: When the water, specifically the most commonly used material on earth. It is non-toxic, environmentally sound and composition of natural materials. Buried around the world, pre-cast concrete products, to convey a result of poor water quality of water.

Weather Flexibility: precast concrete suitable for exposure to a variety of climatic conditions. On a regular basis at the regional experience of freeze-thaw cycles, concrete structural design, may properly bear the loss.

Reduce reliance on the weather: pre-cast concrete to improve efficiency, because the weather will not delay production. In addition, on-site weather conditions do not seriously affect the progress. This is because it requires less time to install pre-fabricated buildings and other methods, such as actors, in-situ concrete. Precast concrete, installation requirements can be easily and immediately backfilled - there is no need to wait for it to heal.

Waterproof: precast concrete products in the quality control of the production environment, with high-quality sealants offer a superior solution to water requirements. Standard waterproof sealant is specially formulated to uphold pre-cast concrete, so that more than watertight seam precast concrete structures possible.

Easy to install. While the precast concrete is very heavy, almost all of the other competitive materials, and installation of machinery, and need to be addressed. In addition, the installation rate is more dependent on product handling and placement of excavation. Pre-rigging does not require the use of special (such as fabric slings) which must be used in order to avoid dealing with structural damage, such as glass fiber materials. In addition, product design and manufacture of prefabricated simple connection, many components can be installed in a very short time.

Modularity: Since many precast concrete products, structures or almost any size modular systems can accommodate.

Availability: With thousands of manufacturers in North America, pre-cast concrete products can be ordered from the plant, in most cities or regions. As the production and storage of prefabricated structures in advance factories, they can always work on-site needs. This will ensure competitive prices and supply, and can save days, weeks or even more than last month, investment projects, in-situ concrete.

Efficiency: Precast concrete products arrive at the scene ready to install. There is no need for raw materials such as steel and concrete, there is no need to spend time setting the form of concrete or cement would be to wait for treatment.

Spectator: precast concrete products, functional and decorative. They can be shaped into an endless array of sizes and configurations forming. Precast concrete production can be in almost any color and a variety of completion (acid etching, sand blasting, smooth casting, exposed stone), in order to achieve the required web site construction and application appearance.

Low maintenance: pre-cast concrete almost no maintenance, making it almost all of the design solution an ideal choice.