70% construction workers are not to sign labor contracts

April to November 2011, to be done on earth Beijing Cultural Development Center, college student volunteers helmets mobile service teams, Beijing, Chongqing and Shanghai and seven college teachers and students as the main force of investigators visited Beijing, Chongqing, Shenzhen, 39 construction sites in Shanghai, 1194 questionnaires were distributed, 1064 valid questionnaires were collected, in the hundreds of statistics based on the formation of a research report. Report statistics more than 1,000 questionnaires were found not signed labor contracts in the construction site workers, the proportion reached 72% in Beijing, up 85.2% in Chongqing, Shenzhen reached 70.6%, 69% in the Haida. Sample, not the proportion of total labor contracts reached 75.6%. (December 7, the "Daily Economic News")

"Labor Contract Law" stipulates that employers should sign labor contracts with workers. And the survey report clearly shows, refused to sign a labor contract is still the general characteristics of the construction industry employment, even up to 70% of workers have signed labor contracts is not really shocking, and disturbing.

Some scholars have read the report, bluntly pointed out that we should reflect on contemporary Chinese model of development in the construction industry, we used 30 years of the last century, the relations of production, use this system as the foundation of our modern buildings built, really incredible. Indeed, the modern building, the socialist system of the building, can not be established in violation of the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of construction workers on the basis of!

As China's labor system continued to deepen the reform of the labor contract system has become a labor unit employing the most basic form, nurture and develop harmonious and stable labor relations and promote economic development and social stability, etc. play an important role . However, the implementation of the labor contract system, embarrassed from time to time, some employers always ignore the law, and acts recklessly, infringed upon the rights of workers.

China's development can not be at the expense of the workers at the expense, Anlaoquchou the socialist principle of distribution. Productivity of workers is the most dynamic and positive factors, the creators of wealth, it should be the beneficiaries of the wealth. China is a country ruled by law, contract law should be respected and valued. First National People's Congress or else periodically the implementation of a labor contract law, inspection of the problems, to instruct the relevant departments to implement corrective measures. Second, as labor supervision departments should take the initiative to increase enforcement of labor regulations construction and inspection of the offending employer to give the necessary punishment. The third is more into the grass-roots trade union organizations to understand the signing of labor contracts, refused to sign labor contracts for employment phenomenon, in a timely manner in conjunction with government departments and common solutions.

In the rush to promote the wide range of today's labor contracts, the employer must not allow such a construction to avoid the labor contract signed, to let the majority of construction workers with dignity of labor.