China Railway five Bureau four companies of God River Highway LJ7 sign begins premade first beam

On March 29th at five eight in the afternoon, Shanxi God ( pool ) River ( song ) freeway LJ7project department beam field blooming fireworks, firecrackers Qiming, machine voice rumble, by the China Railway five Bureau four construction company of God River Highway LJ7standard prefabricated T beam first began, it is also the fourth director do range at the start of the first piece of prefabricated beam.

By the China Railway five Bureau four construction company of God River Highway LJ7paragraph full-length 4.79 kilometers, total cost of 375000000 yuan. Major works volume excavation of3507000 cubic meters,705000 cubic meters of earth fill; bridge overall length 2209.32 meters /9; culvert566.02 meters /6); drainage and protection masonry64930 cubic meters; prefabricated box beam prefabricated T beam36piece,436pieces,21282 meters / 451 root pile.

The construction of the40 meter T beam is the section within the gourd Tsui ditch No. 1 bridge beam slab. Calabash mouth ditch No. 1 bridge located in the sacred to Hequ Expressway LJ7contract section K73+264.582Pianguan interchange bridge, a total length of 448 meters, a front right angle90 degrees. The upper structure with 11* 40prestressed concrete T beam, wherein the first ten holes left to right picture, first to four holes using simply supported-continuous prestressed concrete T beam; left eleventh, right fifth to eleven holes holes using simply supported prestressed concrete T beam with continuous deck.

The first piece of beam slab marks the four company in the river god highway construction has entered a new stage, the Department for the project to complete the annual task of construction laid solid foundation.