City sustainable development needs the green building

Nowadays, people in the enjoyment of the material prosperity of space at the same time, also has planted the seeds of the crisis, green development is the inevitable choice of future society. With the green concept increasingly win support among the people, sustainable city is becoming a global city development direction in the future, how to realize green development has become a new issue in the city development plan.

Green building is the development direction of the sustainable city. Such as the British BRE company building design environment ( Environmental Building ), for the twenty-first Century office building provides a green building model. The building is three story frame structure, a building area of 6000 square meters, using 80000 recycled brick. Its innovative design, environmental health and comfort, not only provides low energy healthy and comfortable office space, but also used for evaluation of all kinds of new green building technologies of large-scale experimental facility.

Buildings to maximize the use of sunlight, and the use of natural ventilation, to minimize the use of fan. The novel hollow floor the building space layout is flexible, and does not block the natural ventilation channel. The top panel is exposed, to avoid the use of air conditioning. The roof panel absorber, night ventilation cooling. Buried in the floor of the pipeline with groundwater further help cool. The installation of an integrated and effective intelligent lighting system, automatic compensation to daylight level, each separate light control.

Building the system operation are used the latest computer integration technology automatic control. The user can on lamp, shutters, windows and heating system control device for remote control, thus the local environment with a high degree of control. Environmental building with 47 square meters building with solar thin film amorphous silicon solar cells, for the provision of clean power.

BRE is the world's five top specialized building research institute. As early as 1990, BRE had developed the UK Green building assessment system, which is the world's first building environmental performance assessment method, is the world's most authoritative, the most widely used green building assessment method. At present, BRE as the representative to Europe's most advanced green building technology has been formally introduced into china.