Drawing on Railway five Bureau of China railway sleepers precast plant officially put into operation

In March 1st, the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, plateau land of sound a lively firecracker sound, in the Tibetan language creator swallow indemnity mulberry wood Za 's hometown ---- Tibet Autonomous County swallow rural Pakistan, China Railway five Bureau pull day railway sleepers precast plant, red banners hanging in a row of machinery and equipment, China Railway five Bureau of TJ3 standard sleepers precast plant started production of the ceremony is held ceremoniously here, this mark is worn by the five Bureau assumed independent play day railway sleepers precast officially started production.

Drawing on Railway in China Railway" Twelfth Five-Year Plan" key in construction engineering. I pull on the Bureau of railway sleeper prefabrication factory is responsible for drawing on all six sections of the production of railway ballastless track sleeper prefabrication construction task. Ballastless track using CRTS-I type double block ballastless track sleeper, sleeper using SK-2. Production period for2012February to2012November, plan production sleeper number90271. By24 hours without intermittent mode of production, design production capacity of the daily output of360, the monthly output of about9000, this track plate production for railway ballastless track laying work began.