Energy saving building to build trillion market

By the NDRC, Ministry of housing and urban-rural development system ' green energy saving building plan of action ' has been half a year to seek an opinion, is expected to introduce the near future. The main objectives are: during the 12th five-year plan urban and rural new green building is 1100000000 square meters, 570000000 square meters of construction energy saving; since 2017, construction of new towns in all of the implementation of green building standards. At present, the program has been very detailed, formed a complete set of advanced energy-saving green building target plan, building energy-saving market will be open slowly during the 12th Five-Year plan.

To build housing minister Chou Baoxing: building energy saving in our country market size is very large, and because the building energy saving range more widely, before 2020, our country is used for energy saving building project investment will reach at least 1.5 trillion yuan.

China building materials chairman Song Zhiping: China building materials industry will usher in the healthy development of the gold for ten years, and the low carbon building materials and new energy materials will continue to lead the Chinese building materials industry and technology development.

Orient Securities analyst Yang Yun : China's construction industry and building materials market generally only concern about whether the building exterior insulation materials fire safety performance indicators, ignoring whether achieve energy saving index. Polyurethane rigid foam insulation materials is the future development direction as the mainstream, polyurethane thermal insulation materials upstream of the main raw materials are also expected to benefit from the polyurethane insulation materials to promote.

Bohai securities analyst Li Xuechun: demonstration by experts of the" Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan of science and technology of building materials industry during the 12th Five-Year Plan" point out, building materials industry to focus on the support and development of new materials, new industry and deep processing of products, high-grade special building materials product, make its become the main source of future growth, this is related to the formation of good company.