The European" Energy Forum" on the construction of the outer skin development direction

Italy Bressanone December 6 report (reporter Wang Yun ) of the sixth European" energy " forum 6 in Italy North City Bressanone opening. The forum focused photovoltaic technology in the construction of outer epidermis using, explore through the architecture surface of introducing high technology to achieve lower energy consumption and power generation may.

According to the introduction, from a total of more than 30 countries and regions, more than 200 professionals attending the forum. In two days during the forum, around the " intelligent and adaptable building skin"," architecture surface combining the photovoltaic technology cost"," building integrated photovoltaic experience"," new photovoltaic technology development" in 8 themes, many special report. In addition, the forum will be held during the field project simulation display.

According to the" energy " Forum Organizing Committee Carle Vijay introduction, this forum is intended for architects, engineers, scientists, energy management and photovoltaic equipment manufacturers to create opportunities for dialogue, to reduce building energy consumption at the same time, photovoltaic technology and the housing surface of the combined, and focus on housing comfort, to ensure the health of residents.

The European" Energy Forum" held from 2006 has been gradually expanding the scale. This year, China, South Korea, Japan and other Asian countries for the first time in the industry. From the China Huazhong University of Science and Technology professor Yu Zhuang told reporters, the forum focuses on architecture surface direction, issues with renewable energy building development needs.

Carle Vijay thinks, although it is still faced with a large number of old buildings to" update", new technology and high costs of difficulties, but the construction of green intelligent building is the future trend of human development.