A hectare of forest edge into the Milan Residence

Recently, media exposure of the construction of Italy in the" aerial forest", there is news that build before the end of next year, the news that the global green low carbon source one's blood boils with indignation. This is known as " the forest" building, are two green Residence, containing a hectare of forest. On one side is the gold rule soil construction land, while reducing carbon emissions green life demand, when the contradiction with the city development is increasingly sharp, Italy renowned designer Michel this whim, of course very striking, even called the building demonstration effect will directly announced the arrival of the era of green building.
The entire Residence like giant bonsai
Lush lush trees from the building construction units each hollow stretching out, entire Residence like giant bonsai -- this " aerial forest" effect is in the nature of the forest.
" Aerial forest" contains a total of two buildings, each 111 meters high and 79 meters, is currently in Italy Milan build, inside a total of planting 730 trees, 5300 shrubs and trees of 11000 strains of ground cover plants, planting area equivalent to one hectare of forest. Not only for the tenants to bring a breath of fresh air and sunlight shielding, plants will vary with the seasons change, for building face-lift.
Designer Michel said: "the air of forest inspiration comes from a local tree program, we want to let the natural landscape into the building, to create landscape is home to the Residence." Michel said, in does not need to consume extra resources, they can provide a high quality of life. "The most important thing is, they are for the world to build a sustainable living mode, it will with the previous way of life completely different. This is not only home to human, is the animal and bird life."
However, in the first global aerial forest housing project" threshold" is not low, price from 560000 to 1700000 pounds, in the crowded city has a green earth, I also have a certain economic base.
At present in Guangzhou city in the new low carbon energy saving buildings, mostly by the use of low carbon building materials, wind power, solar energy heating technology of emission reduction means for the characteristics, and the" aerial forest " concept is more pure and simple techniques to make the human room back to nature.
The famous botanist, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Shen Yungang and other experts also commented, absorb carbon dioxide out of oxygen, food, alleviate the heat island effect, purification of air and water quality, beautify the environment ... ... Plants for human benefit may be too numerous to enumerate. Population, construction of highly concentrated city, natural need more plants to regulate the fragile ecological environment in. But the land of city, where many land supply green? " Aerial forest gave us such enlightenment, vertical greening, roof greening, and even do balcony, windowsill planting, have become the important stage of green life."
Stereo greening is becoming a trend
Milan the two" aerial forest " will be held before the end of next year completed, in fact," the forest" concept is not Italy's first, in the United States, Japan and other green concept is first nations have a warning, but like the Milan Residence" Gemini" the green so large amount, but also used in folk residence project it is relatively rare.
Two years ago, the United States a company to design a kind of revolutionary skyscraper building " aerial forest", to solve the global warming problem. According to the plan, the 122 meters high skyscraper in the top is provided with a giant carbon dioxide recovery unit, planted 400 trees, in order to absorb hazardous pollutants, convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Designers are proposed, the building should be built in factories and other major pollution source near, let the air clean up.
And at present already built in the famous" the forest", is Saitama sky forest plaza. The square was completed in May 5, 2000 and open to the public, the overhead is 7 metres high, nearly 10000 square metres of two square venues, artificial graft 220 trees, and the waterfall landscape coordination.
Even in China," the forest" can also find the suspected shadow - Shanghai World Expo, nearly 240 stadiums, 80% above the roof, wall greening and indoor greening. And as Guangzhou also houses" the tiger" and other climbers make exterior leaves fluttering, the newspaper even reported public created on the roof bedding cooling practices.
In the construction planning experts opinion," the forest" and the few examples, is actually the term " vertical greening" or" three-dimensional green". " ' the forest ' is a good architectural concepts, led the ' green power ', worth a try", Guangzhou City Planning Survey Design Research Institute Vice President Cai Yunnan said. In the modern design of living environment, should not only attach importance to plane greening, more should be used in three-dimensional greening of modern residential area in the round, to continuous improvement, protection, stable residential ecological benefit. " In fact, many for the development of residential land with no natural environment, which requires the architects to create a closer to the natural environment, and even some cultural traits to improve land use inferior, and three-dimensional greening will be one of the most effective methods, three-dimensional green has become a green, ecological, livable building the important symbol."
" Aerial forest short-term effect may not be obvious, but from long-term look, on the whole society both in economic and cultural development are favorable," Cai Yunnan said. Compared with the previous limited area of the green building, experts and users think, Milan's" aerial forest" green degree is high, its bold design if it becomes a reality, is expected to become the leading architectural trends, a vertical green revolution.
Use and maintenance of test promotion prospects
As a new thing," the forest" although promising, actual effect can be as people would like to accept the challenge.
I have noticed the" aerial forest" this sentence:" the building is not only home to human, is the animal and bird life ." "" animals and birds gathered to health problems, how to solve?" The netizen of Magnolia obovata also said:" the starting point is good, but the house lighting problem? Summer without a mosquito? Autumn litter everywhere. How to do?"
" Aerial forest this concept is worth a try, photosynthesis to environmental protection is absolutely helpful, is not the problem, the key is to precipitation, health issues, should have a series of solutions. The climate of Southern China is different from Europe, because the local heat humidity is higher, in the inhibition of mosquito growth is the efforts to" Guangdong Province Forestry Science and Technology Promotion Station deputy stationmaster Zhang knot engineering point.
Specifically, Guangdong Province urban and rural planning design and Research Institute of general planner Ma Xiangming, province of the ecological environment and soil institute director and researcher Li Dingqiang also said, the implementation of stereoscopic greening, floor and roof construction technique will raise new requirement. In particular, the roof bearing wall greening roofs building structure design must be strictly according to standard load-bearing. "On the one hand the flowers and trees and soil self-weight, makes the design it is necessary to strengthen the floor roof of the load-bearing capacity, but also lighten the weight, can be added into soil 50% lightweight materials such as coal, rice husk, sawdust and other foam and. On the other hand, because of the planting soil corrosion, so the floor is waterproof and moistureproof requirement is very high."
And let" aerial forest" green all the year round also quite knowledge. The main hotel plant wall design designer small Zou said, plant type selection must be very extensive, in addition to aesthetic, choose to contribute to human health of the plant can not be ignored, but also pay attention to different varieties of potential interactions between. Vertical distribution of plant will interweave together, must breed relationship very well thought out. It is best to ask the professional company to do, according to the different plant needs to provide the corresponding light and water.
Cai Yunnan suggested that, given the current similar" aerial forest" the green construction cost is higher, can advance the strength of the company to participate in investment, make demonstrative effect. While the ordinary building can try from plant wall, roof greening and other local green start, depending on the actual effect and then gradually extended.
From long-term look, experts advise, three-dimensional green but also with computer technology, modern communication technology and automatic control technology combined, make zoology green buildings to be intelligent support. The huge" cement building forest" should be self-control" green building forest", stereoscopic greening technology unit, standardization and industrialization, and finally to " automation" function, automatic irrigation, automatic fertilizing.