How to solve the precast concrete leakages

Loose embedded parts, pipe installation is unstable, or dig a hole punch installed after exterior wall decoration precast concrete, or by a collision, plastered the new combination of old mortar is not strong, and lead to a hollowing and cracks. Installing precast concrete, pipe after the hole, resulting in water seepage.
B method:
1, precast concrete (such as downcomer fixtures, air conditioning brackets) and pipes must be installed before the wall finishes. Installation to be solid and reliable, without loosening and displacement and other defects. 2, when the plaster, roots of precast concrete and pipes must be careful operation, compact. 3, the precast concrete and the hole in the tube is loose or not heart repair, should be carved out of 20mmx30mm around the precast concrete of ring groove, flush with water after drying closed ourselves stopping and weather-resistant high-elastic sealant. 4, wall leakage maintenance of pipeline roots, fixed C20 1:2 fine stone concrete or cement mortar wall tubes where, through wall tube and the outer wall junction leaving 15x25mm Groove, set the backing material, and stopping and weather-resistant high-Elastic sealing materials.