Old building installation of heat metering and strive not to let people out of their own pockets

Another 10 days, Ji'nan central heating will begin. 3, Ji'nan Municipal Public Utility Bureau Chief Jia Yuliang led the heating enterprise relevant responsible person answering the 12345 public service hotline, is the heat problem of a few heat, with the general public to interact, to everyone's questions one by one to answer.
The version of the manuscript / reporter Li Ming Ding Jie
Ji'nan next year to build two heat source factory East in Tang Ye District, west near the maestra
Ji'nan municipal department is responsible for 3 people in 12345 public service hotline answering said, the provincial capital of East next year Tang Ye New District and Western maestra near respectively build a heat source factory, in order to solve the two regional heat source shortage problem.
Tang Ye New District Planning in East Hill, West to east ring ring expressway, the south by the ten East, North Jiqinggaosu Jiaoji railway, a total area of 21.21 square kilometers, population 200000 person planning.
At present, the east project, real name torch project, province FIMITIC rehabilitation center project, hall of province irrigation works office building project has been in the Tang Ye area floor. Last December, Tang Ye New District seven village integrated project held foundation stone laying ceremony, future 3, inside 4 years, Tang Ye New District will be the rise of a modern, high standards of residential district, more than 1 villagers will be moved into the city in accordance with the standard design and construction of new village.
Ji'nan Thermal Power Company Limited responsible person said, with Tang Ye population increasing, heat source builds a problem need to be incorporated into the schedule. In the planning of city complex at the same time, city infrastructure must support construction.
To this end, has been identified in Tang Ye New District Construction of provincial capital east will heat source factory, this year heat source plant construction project work, next year construction. There is currently no specific building address, planning departments will carry out site selection, environmental protection departments, such as the land department, Planning Department agreed to build, not to start the construction of heat source plant.
According to introduction, planning in the construction of the Tang Ye new district heating plant heating area in 8000000 to 10000000 square metres in between, may adopt several heating enterprises investment construction measures.
In addition, the Ji'nan municipal public utility bureau director Jia Yuliang said, in order to solve the more western residents heating problems, Ji'nan plans to build a new West maestra near heat source factory, start construction next year.
Jia Yuliang, Ji'nan is currently concentrated heating rate is 52.8%, and 47.2% of the residents do not have central heating, central heating or more pressure.
8 days before the start of heating hot commissioning of two large enterprises have been prepared, may at any time heating
Ji'nan Municipal Public Utilities Bureau Director Jia Yuliang 3 in 12345 public service hotline answering said, in November 8th, the major heating enterprises will enter the hot commissioning stage. Municipal departments in the hope of hot commissioning stage, put in the heating process of the emergence of some problem solve.
A reporter from the Ji'nan power and Ji'nan thermal aware, Ji'nan thermal heating pipe network under has been officially running conditions, as long as the receipt of furnace command, they can keep the existing heating heating. Ji'nan thermoelectric heating within the scope of water pressure test is over, the big heat source plant from the 10 end start ignition furnace heating pipe, heating preparation work has been completed, readily available to the user for heating.
From 2009, 2010 heating season, the provincial capital to establish a heating system debugging period, from November 8th began trial heating, timely solve the problems found in time, ensure November 15th Zero standard heating. Jia Yuliang suggests, in November 8th to November 15th hot commissioning period, the public should pay attention to home heating commissioning, attention must be paid to keep people at home. If the home has no water leakage may occur, nobody tube, and then spread to other residents of the problem.
A reporter from the Ji'nan power to understand, in the initial stage of heating, alternating hot and cold water pipes or heating time, will have the remaining air, the remaining air excess may cause heating is not hot.
If the surrounding neighbors home heating are very warm, but a hot, and this one is on the top floor, there may be automatic exhaust valve rust failure. If other floor room is not hot, may be the indoor radiator valve has a problem, or indoor inlet, outlet valve problems.
If a building or a unit of heating is not hot, may and into the building of valve-related. If the indoor radiator heat radiator valve, can be opened by some, to discharge air in the radiator. When the vent valve leak water, that the air in the radiator is the net.
Big city garden heat meter allowed by Ji'nan heat is responsible for replacement
" The last big city garden phase installation of the heat meter is also considered unqualified, meter is composed of Ji'nan heating installation, the future of these gauges how to do?" on the 3 day, surnamed Du public telephone reflect, even Ji'nan installed thermal heat meter, also appeared the inaccurate measurement of problem.
Last year, big city of a period garden industry authority is responsible for the relevant people to accept a reporter to interview, once introduced, big city garden for 4600000 yuan of assistance funds, in accordance with the provisions of three reconstruction: installation of a table, heat exchange station upgrades, increased wall thermal insulation layer.
Ji'nan heat staff said, big city garden heat meter is installed by the Ji'nan heat on a heating season, appeared the problem of inaccurate measurement.
Ji'nan Municipal Public Utilities Bureau Director Jia Yuliang said, if Ji'nan installed thermal heat meter, required by the Ji'nan heat for replacement.
Building earlier building with thermal meter and strive not to let people out of their own pockets
" If in 2007 before the old house, installation of heat meter, we also need their own money?" installation of heat metering charge by who? This is a lot of public concern. Recently, some people our hotline consultation, new construction and installation of heat metering charge by the development and construction unit, construction of an earlier building how to do? To this, Jia Yuliang said, built before October 1, 2007 building heat metering and energy-saving reconstruction, with the heat meter is to let people out of their own pockets.
According to the" Ji'nan on the reform of heat metering and energy-saving renovation of existing buildings to carry out an opinion", October 1, 2007 after completion of residential building heat metering, does not comply with the relevant standards, must carry out rectification. After review of unqualified or inconsistent with inspection report, by the Ji'nan city urban and rural construction committee holds the original development and construction units, in not more than new construction and installation of heat metering device charges within the pay period costs, by the Ji'nan Municipal Public Utility Bureau tissue heating enterprises on heating metering facilities reform in place. New residential buildings, the development and construction of units out of heating metering device and installation fees, according to every 2450 yuan to pay.
Jia Yuliang introduced, building energy-saving financing in October 1, 2007 as a dividing point, because in theory, built after October 1, 2007 building, the full realization of energy saving reconstruction ( but some meter exist inaccurate data need to be replaced .). In October 1, 2007 the previous many buildings, and no installation of heat metering.
Jia Yuliang said, in October 1, 2007 before the construction, installation of heat meter is no longer allow residents to pay. However, the external walls of building energy-saving insulation transformation, also need property units and residents pay the cost.
The district heating hopeful Lang Maoshan Southern quickest next month, next year is expected to supply operating area
" We live in Lang Maoshan District, home heating radiator has already been installed on this year, what time can heating?"," operating area of the old house, also can join the central heating?" on the morning of 3, scored 12345 public service hotline, many residents are asked the old area can realize heating.
" Must meet the most cold before the heating for the" Lang Maoshan south the fastest in the December heat
The first half of this year, Lang Maoshan, more than 2000 households received this winter to install heating of the news, many residents pay the heating installation fee. But the residents call 12345 public service hotline, he learned that the district does not have heating condition.
House warming had been removed, heating pipes also transformation is over, but the plot is not connected to charge the net. With ten day officially heating, this winter Lang Maoshan area Southern District of more than 2000 households can be used in central heating? 3 days morning, many people call the 12345 public service hotline.
Ji'nan Municipal Public Utilities Bureau Director Jia Yuliang said, when Lang Maoshan south is not well coordinated access heat source under the condition of heating construction. " Lang Maoshan south is a heating area of hundreds of thousands of square meters of large community, taking into account the requirements, this year has been determined to solve. At present, has started construction, the account opening formalities are handled, hope neighborhood, office work, accelerate the time limit for a project, strive for in December the coldest for."
The next year to travel west pipeline through peripheral operating area and other places will benefit
" Han District and Jinjiling thermal power plant only one road in between, why not through heating?"" we plot for many years failed to join the central heating, winter burning honeycomb is not convenient, residents to join the central heating desire is very urgent, hope municipal departments to solve as soon as possible operating south of heating problems." On the morning of 3, several live in Southern Han residents call hotline.
Jia Yuliang said, for operating the southern district heating problem, municipal departments have already understand, Han District is a large old house, in relation to the tens of thousands of residents of the heating problems, have been included in the next year to address one of the issues.
" Is the recent travel west the big project, in preparation for next year to travel west bus station pipeline through, and operating the southern neighborhood, community coordination about heat exchange station, should be able to solve." Jia Yuliang said, travel west road repair has been put on the agenda, Ji'nan thermal power will coincide with the road reconstruction for peripheral heating pipe network laying, next year operating area is expected to join the heating pipe network.
According to introduction, the next year to travel west pipeline, surrounding the old district will benefit.
These places will be heating? People have to inquire, the municipal sector one one reply
"We come all the time oneself to burn natural gas, heating, when to join the central heating?"" we live in the dormitory of Ji'nan, here we these two buildings with no heating, into the ' island ', this how to do?" 3 days without central heating, many area residents, call 12345 consultation his own community when can enjoy central heating.
Golden Garden this year also burn natural gas heating
Golden Garden one resident says, Golden Garden burning natural gas boiler heating, heating costs are cheaper than Ji'nan City centralized heating is expensive," the price is reasonable, burning natural gas heating and central heating in the first time consistent?"
Ji'nan Municipal Public Utilities Bureau Director Jia Yuliang said, whether it is by the Ji'nan Municipal Public Utilities Bureau subordinate enterprises and heating heat, or by other units with independent heating, are in need of Ji'nan city in accordance with the related provisions, in November 15th the zero hour begins heating, and must be a standard heating, heating time is unified.
Jia Yuliang said, burning natural gas boiler heating than municipal central heating in heating, residents signed agreement, agreement on price may have special provisions. Natural gas boiler heating, the price can be slightly higher than the central heating, this point is also recognized by the price department.
" If you want to join the district central heating, this is impossible." Jia Yuliang said, apply to join the central heating is required to determine a organizers, developers, property, the neighborhood can organize residents to apply for central heating, open areas, residents spontaneously combined applications can also.
In the two quarters" isolated island" when heated?
Resident Mr. Han said, he lived by ten road and Jianshe Road intersection near Ji'nan in the dormitory, here around the floor through the heating, only these two buildings did not join the central heating, a heating "islands", and also not connected pipeline natural gas, do not know whether to join the central heating?
Jia Yuliang said, to join the central heating, in need of a unit or a floor residents organized application. From the source, the surrounding residents have access to central heating, the two buildings that may have joined the central heating condition. The next year, the Ji'nan city heating Office will take the initiative and the two buildings belonging to the neighborhood as well as Ji'nan in contact, help solve this two floor heating problem.