Young people do not do the city aging masonry construction workers

Age of the majority of workers on site are 50 years old, very rare to see young faces. "I am a 59 year." Migrant workers are carrying bricks Master Sun told reporters that his mouth from the small town of Suyu District, "We here are a few people aged over 50 years, only one lesbian age of mildly . "

Head of the construction site with workers Zhu Shifu, told this reporter, at present the majority of urban workers on the site are from rural areas, some workers have more than 60 years of age, the Builders' Few young people, even if there is also engaged in technology. "

How the treatment of construction workers

Builders' on the masonry, Gangjin Gong, carpentry, as well as specialized renovation work. Renovation work is to help others do the decorating, and they also eat rice technology, strictly speaking, can not be considered in building the ranks. "According to Zhu Shifu introduced , masonry wages are generally calculated according to working hours, working hours do count as one day, half a half hours to do. In addition, some workers on site in accordance with the wages to calculate the number of brick blocks, build a brick a brick count the money.

Zhu Shifu, said: "calculated according to working hours, great work (brick head) of the average person can get 130-150 yuan, laborer (to do chores for) one can get 60-80 dollars. According to the number of bricks to get higher wages that people can get fast chips 200 yuan a day or more, but by the number of bricks to get the money must be physical strength, as they assemble a thousand bricks a day, in order to get so much money. "

In the interview, many masons that their wages seem high, but at the end of settlement that can really get 3000 yuan a month, not many people. "Things to do on site, the family farm should be busy weather is bad, we do not work, get money." A site in the urban areas in the masonry of a Master Li told reporters, a few years ago, he intended to do with his nephew to join the masons, but his nephew chose a higher excavation of soil treatment machine work.

Why do not want young people to join

Speaking of why young men unwilling to masonry, said a lot of masonry, which is what makes sense. "For doing my own children, unless forced to, will not let him dry masonry. This work not only tired, but no future." A masonry gave their thoughts.

Reporters visited the learned, at present, most young people do not want to join the ranks of masonry reasons are manifold.

"First is the masonry work too hard." Master Sun told reporters, city construction workers is a hard job, especially masonry. Whether hot, or frozen earth, they have to work outdoors, "we work to stay up late to get up early, as I get up at 5 o'clock every morning, after breakfast, take fifty years riding a motorcycle the road, more than an hour to arrive on site. half past five p.m. to work, then ride a motorcycle more than an hour, close to seven o'clock to get home. Most young people can not stand this pain. "

"Masonry is also very hard life." Master Sun told reporters, many sites provide accommodation for the workers, but the environment is very simple room and board, "meals on site farms are usually sold on the cheapest food, and sometimes can eat cabbage for a week, live on the site only makeshift shelter board room. "

What is not hard, Master Sun said, most importantly, work in construction there is no guarantee, no future, this is the young man willing to do the most important reason. "We are living to do one day, to day wages, encounter windy rainy day, you earn money, sometimes to the end of the year, there may not get the wages."

Master Sun told reporters that the majority of the site's monthly wages are not paid, but concentrated in the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and the Spring Festival three holiday hair. The event of developer funding chain problems, you can not get paid in time.

In addition, for some young people, especially some of the unmarried young men, if you want a wife, you must have a decent job. "Masons who are dirty every day, if the young people to do this, not good Zhaoxi Fu, so most of them take advantage of the young learn some techniques to find a decent job." Master Sun said.

Another so many young people are reluctant to join the ranks of masonry because masons social status. 57-year-old I always wanted to master the recent high school graduates last year, along with his son, learning a craft, he was the son flatly refused. "My son said that the wages of construction workers to get high again, and no social status, will be looked down upon, even to a restaurant washing dishes washing dishes, do not want to do masonry."

Each time through the construction site, careful observation will be found on the site is busy most of the age of 50-year-old workers. They used thin shoulders bear the heavy manual labor, picking up a high-rise buildings per city.