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Young people do not do the city aging masonry construction workers

Age of the majority of workers on site are 50 years old, very rare to see young faces. "I am a 59 year." Migrant workers are carrying bricks Master Sun told reporters that his mouth from the small town of Suyu District, "We here are a few people aged over 50 years, only one lesbian age of mildly . "

Head of the construction site with workers Zhu Shifu, told this reporter, at present the majority of urban workers on the site are from rural areas, some workers have more than 60 years of age, the Builders' Few young people, even if there is also engaged in technology. "

70% construction workers are not to sign labor contracts

April to November 2011, to be done on earth Beijing Cultural Development Center, college student volunteers helmets mobile service teams, Beijing, Chongqing and Shanghai and seven college teachers and students as the main force of investigators visited Beijing, Chongqing, Shenzhen, 39 construction sites in Shanghai, 1194 questionnaires were distributed, 1064 valid questionnaires were collected, in the hundreds of statistics based on the formation of a research report.

Old building installation of heat metering and strive not to let people out of their own pockets

Another 10 days, Ji'nan central heating will begin. 3, Ji'nan Municipal Public Utility Bureau Chief Jia Yuliang led the heating enterprise relevant responsible person answering the 12345 public service hotline, is the heat problem of a few heat, with the general public to interact, to everyone's questions one by one to answer.
The version of the manuscript / reporter Li Ming Ding Jie
Ji'nan next year to build two heat source factory East in Tang Ye District, west near the maestra

Water saving technology in the construction water supply and drainage applications

According to the different function of the building can adopt different water-saving measures and technology: in the residential and office buildings should be improved toilet flushing, reducing the amount of rinse water; in hotels, restaurants, should be considered for bath wastewater treatment and reuse.
A 1 reduction in the toilet flushing water

A hectare of forest edge into the Milan Residence

Recently, media exposure of the construction of Italy in the" aerial forest", there is news that build before the end of next year, the news that the global green low carbon source one's blood boils with indignation. This is known as " the forest" building, are two green Residence, containing a hectare of forest.

Energy saving building to build trillion market

By the NDRC, Ministry of housing and urban-rural development system ' green energy saving building plan of action ' has been half a year to seek an opinion, is expected to introduce the near future. The main objectives are: during the 12th five-year plan urban and rural new green building is 1100000000 square meters, 570000000 square meters of construction energy saving; since 2017, construction of new towns in all of the implementation of green building standards.

Japan Could Encase Nuclear Plant in Concrete

Tokyo Electric Power's first reference to the option -- employed in the aftermath of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster -- suggested efforts to prevent materials at the facility's six reactors from overheating might prove unsuccessful, according to Reuters (Saoshiro/Negishi, Reuters I, March 18).

No concrete on Riverwalk

A recent letter to the editor said exactly what the slated Riverwalk should be. It remains to be seen if such a welcome plan will ever be realized in Port Orange.

Our present City Council and local government are completely enveloped in a somewhat arrogant belief that Port Orange of long ago can be resurrected. Their heads were still in the sand, as Port Orange moved westward and in the near future will be centered at the Pavilion.

CSC precast concrete contractor raves about project

At Monday night’s Crookston City Council meeting, Dick Edgar of Wells Concrete in North Dakota presented Crookston Mayor Dave Genereux with a plaque in recognition of the Crookston Sports Center project.

Wells Concrete did the precast concrete work on the project and, Edgar told the council, the project went so well that his firm submitted it and it won a North Dakota Ready Mix Association Award. Edgar said it was one of the best projects his firm has ever been involved in, and he singled out the project’s “B3” designation that required enhanced energy efficiency.

Construction technology to be turned over to CNMI govt

The CNMI government will be a recipient of free pre-stressed beds that are used to mold precast concrete, which is ideal for construction projects.

Once Black Micro Construction is done building the Sandy Beach Homes Affordable Housing Project on Laly 4 Beach in Chalan Kanoa, they will leave the “molders” of precast concrete with the CNMI government.

Black Micro and Sandy Beach Homes officials gave Gov. Benigno R. Fitial a brief tour of the area where the pre-stressed beds are located on Friday afternoon.

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