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Construction Management Contract for Jacobs

The contact involves expansion and renovation of University Hospital and its largest outpatient clinic there. The construction value of both facilities is estimated at nearly $900 million, with the value of Pasadena-based Jacobs’ contract at $16.8 million. Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. said Tuesday that it received a contract to provide program management services for the design and construction of two large health care facilities in San Antonio, Texas.

Nevada workplace unsafety

The 80-page report issued by the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration identified "a number of systemic issues that caused great concern" within the state OSHA program.
Nevada's workplace safety program is marred by poorly trained investigators and lackadaisical procedures and is in "urgent" need of oversight corrections, according to a federal report released Tuesday.

Close New Maryland highway construction

To prepare for the night's work, crews may close one lane between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. and two lanes between 7 p.m. and midnight. The overnight closings will occur periodically through spring so that workers can set steel for the Intercounty Connector Bridge over Route 29.
Consider Old Columbia Pike, to the west of Route 29, or I-95, to the east as alternatives during the shutdowns. On Route 29, look for the portable message boards to warn about these closings.

M.T.A. Delays Big Construction Projects

A report released on Tuesday by the Citizens Budget Commission reprimanded the Metropolitan Transportation Authority for leaving the public in the dark about many aspects of its construction projects, from the long-delayed Second Avenue subway line to station renovations at Fulton Street and South Ferry. More progress reports and more consistent, concrete timelines should be implemented, the group said.

Housing Construction crawling out

The Commerce Department released its monthly report on housing starts Tuesday, saying they increased in September by a modest 0.5 percent to an annual rate of 590,000 new homes and apartments. Applications for new building permits, however, fell by 1.2 percent to an annual rate of 573,000 units.

Signs Global Contract with Fran Tech USA in Spectrum Starts Construction

The Biosphere system is designed as a "ONE STOP SHOP" providing for up to 100% recycling of the total tonnage of MSW collected. The biosphere system is a Superb and unique technology system and is able to generate electrical micro-power with all kinds of wastes including traditional oil, infectious, medical and toxic waste. In addition, the Biosphere Process System heats and converts solid waste in an atmosphere that does not produce smoke or odors and therefore is capable of being placed directly in the center of any town with no pollution to the atmosphere.

Queens Fire filed harassment

Kuros was in the news over the summer when she filed a $20 million sexual harassment lawsuit. She said an elevator operator propositioned and groped her at a bank construction site, and she was replaced by a man after she complained. The fire Saturday killed 44-year-old Bianca Kuros and critically injured three others.

At Least one die for Building collapse in Kenya

Red Cross officials said 15 severely ill people had been pulled from the rubble and taken to hospital. At least one person has died after a multi-story building collapsed on the outskirts of Kenya's capital, Nairobi. Dozens of people are feared trapped in the ruins of the building in Kiambu town, which was under construction. There have been suggestions that heavy rain in the area recently could have weakened the five-storey structure. It is not clear what caused the collapse, but correspondents say Kenyan building companies are often criticized for flouting safety regulations.

LABA will have new project for 1.13billion

"This is the front door to the United States for millions of international passengers every year, but our front door has, for years, not really reflected the city," Lindsey said.

Construction will increase 11 percent in 2010 for USA

Public works construction is expected to rise 14 percent, given more wide-ranging strength across all project types. Following steep reductions in 2008 and 2009, multifamily housing is expected to improve 16 percent in dollars and 14 percent in units.Improvements in housing and public works construction is expected to help the industry bounce back from a 25-percent decline predicted for 2009.He addressed more than 300 engineers, architects and other construction professionals at the 71st annual Outlook 2010 Executive Conference in D.C. on Friday.“The U.S.

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