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Utah’s University plan to master for real estate

The state Board of Regents approved the change on Friday. The approval of the real estate development program will allow the school to begin marketing the degree and enrolling students. University of Utah will soon begin offering a master's degree in real estate development. When the state's construction business picks back up again, the school plans to help meet an expected demand for those who understand private and commercial real estate development.

New Chicken houses Stalls will be built

The Environmental Protection Agency began regulating Maryland chicken farms in February. Since then, construction of new chicken houses has stalled. New federal regulations have effectively shut down construction of new chicken houses on the Eastern Shore. Pocomoke City farmer Dale Stevens built four state-of-the-art chicken houses last year and wants to build another four. But he says he "can't follow the rules if they don't exist yet."Bill Satterfield, executive director of the Delmarva Poultry Industry Inc., says the new regulations effectively amount to a zero discharge policy.

Stimulus construction boost will be benefit for south USA.

Obama has set a goal of creating or saving 3.5 million jobs by the end of next year.Federal contractors reported creating or saving more than 30,000 jobs in the first months of President Barack Obama's stimulus program, with construction jobs leading the way and states in the South and Southwest seeing the biggest increase, according to data released last week by a government oversight board.The numbers, based on jobs linked to less than $16 billion in federal contracts, represent just a sliver of the $787 billion stimulus package.

The construction industry forecasts will rebound in 2010

The closely watched McGraw-Hill construction forecast released Friday is another indicator that the economy will remain choppy in the wake of the longest and steepest recession since the Great Depression. New development will continue to be dragged down by high unemployment and tight credit markets. The nation's construction industry, nearly paralyzed during the downturn, should see modest gains next year, as a rise in building of single-family houses, apartment buildings, and highways and bridges offsets drops in commercial and manufacturing property, according to a new report.

Shanghai World Expo will be build by creative capital

"World Expo would be meaningless if the loss of creativity, constant innovation is the emergence of human beings before winding up to the Expo next term." Shanghai World Expo 2010 master plan Wu Zhiqiang said in Shanghai yesterday. Meanwhile, the CPPCC National Committee vice chairman of Shanghai Creative Industry Association, Li Wuwei, proposed, by the World Expo of the machine to speed up the pace towards the Creative City's call, the building of Shanghai will be the creative capital of Shanghai urban transformation and strategic development of one of the trends .

Ministry of Transport and an additional 2.154 billion yuan for the northern Gulf Transportation Construction in Guangxi

Recently learned from the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Communications Department, the Ministry of Transport continued to increase this year, the northern Gulf Economic Zone in Guangxi transportation construction project inputs, Fangchenggang 200,000-ton Hong Kong into the channel works, deep-water channel Qinzhou Port Expansion Project, Yulin to Tieshan Hong Kong highway, freeway 4 Chongzuo Qinzhou to transportation construction projects receive state subsidies totaling 2.154 billion yuan of funds.

Shanghai Subway "on the 19th Line pass Chongming," is expected to be granted next year

Yesterday, the Municipal People's Congress deputy director of the Yang Ding-hua led, with a number of representatives to the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, "door" supervision, tracking the relationship between people's vital interests of the prices, rail transit construction and introduction of talents and other important matters.

South Korea: "Asia's first high-rise" ground-breaking

The South Korean capital Seoul, a landmark building - Digital Media Building 16, Mapo-gu, on the caves in the Digital Media City Park ground-breaking ceremony was held. The project planning height of 640 meters when completed will become the tallest building in Asia and became, after following the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, the world's second high-rise towers.

China Construction Engineering won the bid 1.525 billion

Yesterday, the China Construction issued a public notice, saying the company received powder room, Chongqing Yangtze River Bridge and Approaches Project Bay BT project, total investment reached 1.525 billion yuan. The project duration of 36 months; the project road length of 6.07 kilometers: including the Yangtze River Bridge, a powder room, Ai Ping Shan and thunder mouth two tunnels, Tianjin West, Jiangzhou, Xiaowan three overpasses, and the associated roadworks.

Rongcheng city building energy saving building Reporter learned from relevant departments of

Rongcheng City, this year, the city's quality supervision station building energy-saving efforts to build cities, new wall materials utilization rate has reached more than 95% of new projects in 2009 a new wall material utilization is achieved 100%, the full realization of the "real ban" goal.

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