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Tianjin all the new conversions civil construction of air raid shelters to be equipped with

Was informed that in the future all new Tianjin, alteration of the civil construction according to the relevant standards with built air raid shelters, civil air defense projects with the project on the floor of the main building as a whole, unified implementation of the maintenance and management.

Six major industrial construction industry, create thousands of jobs 10 years of worry-free employment

Sing Tao Global Network News: Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang issued its annual policy address, at 15, a radio network program, disclosed that the development of six dominant industries in Hong Kong is expected to create tens of thousands of jobs, and said the next 10 years, Hong Kong the construction industry are not required to worry about employment issues.

Qingdao energy-saving regulations are published the following 12-floor new building will all be installed solar

Future, a new 12-floor city buildings will be below the installation of solar water heating systems, central heating metering and charging was first written into the Energy Bill ... ... approved the adoption of the "Qingdao Municipal Civil Building Energy Saving Ordinance," an official announced yesterday The Ordinance will come into effect next January 1 officially implemented.

Much-needed transformation of building energy consumption is too large

DeZhou, the existing 1.5 million square meters of residential buildings will wear a "energy saving clothes"

By the end of October before the Dezhou Tianbao Jiayuan 654 residents of residential 77,000 square meters of residential buildings, will all be more in new forms to put on "energy-saving clothes."

According to reports, put on "energy saving clothes" in existing residential buildings, household savings in winter heating costs 1 / 3 above, the indoor temperature generally increased 3-5 ℃, summer air-conditioning costs by 30%, the temperature is reduced based on the original 2 -- 3 ℃.

Beijing construction worker annual income of farmers reached 17,000 yuan

Beijing Municipal Construction Committee yesterday released to live in Beijing construction workers per capita income has been 1.7 million, management, production technology has been the backbone of the annual income of more than 35,000 yuan. Construction workers and middle-income workers from going to the capital to become the highest growth, the overall income of most groups.

Solar cell wall-propelled BIPV

Energy consumption in China is a big country, but the country's total energy consumption, there is 1 / 3 is the building energy consumption. Therefore, solar photovoltaic installations in buildings into energy-hungry - to promote BIPV, has become the new energy consensus. However, the current constraints BIPV main bottleneck is the lack of development can be used as building materials, and easy installation of the solar cell component.

The U.S. media called China's emergence is the building of the main superstructure of an aircraft carrier

October 12, the United States, "Aviation Week" published the official website, entitled "China's emergence aircraft carrier," the article, the text is also equipped with three pictures, and said China places a larger one appeared on the roof platform, Z-8 helicopters and mounted missile "Flanker" fighter jets, an aircraft carrier under construction next to the main superstructure.

Expo U.S. Pavilion with amazing speed steel cap, or to visit next month, Barack Obama

Yesterday morning, the U.S. ambassador to China Hongbo Pei, deputy secretary general of the Shanghai Municipal Government, Secretary of Shanghai World Expo Coordination Bureau Hong Hao, the United States Pavilion co-founder Yi Qiu Xing (EllenEliasoph) and the American Museum organizers Chairman of the Board Kenneth Jarrett ( KenJarrett) a support beam in the exhibition hall on the last write their own names to celebrate the start of this year July 17 to complete the main structure of the American Museum of the building.

Shanghai started the "World Expo community" building

October 13, Shanghai's "World Expo community" sign in the "Expo community" building the launch at the show. The date was the opening of 2010 Shanghai World Expo countdown to 200 days, the Shanghai Pudong New Area, "the Expo community" to start the ceremony held at South Ferry Street, Civic Center, and the World Expo Park adjacent 6 Jiezhen will be the first to benefit from this project.
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Beijing CBD expansion program: the proposed landmark building 668 meters

All programs are at the landmark aspect of the effort, the program's highest landmark building of up to 668 meters of "Time's Eye."

View real estate Reuters: In order to further expand the development space, Chaoyang District, Beijing CBD's eastward expansion, strategic planning program has received city approval, the eastward expansion of nearly 3 square kilometers. October 12 to sources, seven from the United States, France, Britain and China, the world's top design companies have proposed eastward expansion planning program, 16 will be selected the best option.

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