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Shenzhen, a new round of "urban decoration"

In order to meet the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and the upcoming held in Shenzhen, the 26th World University Games, the city will set up a city environment, increase the operational command from the Provincial Standing Committee, Acting Mayor Wang Rong, the chief commander of the use of pre-Universiade two years, and organized the "to do events, do cities; new great movement, the new Shenzhen," the theme of city increase the operational environment through an opportunity to improve the Shenzhen Universiade held in the level of modernization and urba

Construction: growth and reasonable valuations determined

14 listed companies in the construction industry focus on tracking the first half of 2009 operating income and net profit have increased. These companies sufficient orders, its future growth of 1-2 years more to be confirmed; industry, the valuation is reasonable, given the "Recommended" investment rating.

Steady growth in revenue and performance

Chinese Construction new contract 1-9 months up by 20%

China Construction disclosed from January to September operations. Jan-September, the company accumulated a new construction contract amount of RMB242.8 billion, an increase of 21.6%. Among them, in September the new contract 18.1 billion yuan.

Constantly developing new resources to enable the construction industry once again have entered the peak

For roads, the construction industry, the sand is essential for a major building material. However, as all the Earth's resources are scarce. This remark may sound a bit alarmist, but it is a real fact.

Expo-axis into the "upgraded" phase

October 13 is the Shanghai World Expo, the 200-day countdown to the opening of the Shanghai World Expo will be one of permanent landmarks - exposition of the main shaft has been basically completed, has now entered the "upgraded phase", all completed at the end of this year.

It is reported that Shanghai World Expo Expo zone axis is the largest single building, connecting the main Expo venues, entrances and exits. The photo shows workers in the Shanghai World Expo Axis Sun Valley for device debugging.

the property market gloom architectural coatings market is not a bland

According to the Ministry of Commerce to monitor, "11" golden week retail sales of consumer goods around the country to achieve 570 billion yuan. "11" Golden Week is also often the property market's "golden period." But this year's "11" golden weeks usher in the property market is not scheduled grand opening, Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou and other cities in turnover bleak, including Beijing, a second-hand housing turnover both up last year's "11" or the chain in September over the same period volume have both been a sharp decline.

15 years will increase 10 billion square meters floor area of optoelectronic

The Housing and Urban-Rural Construction approved by the China Construction Metal Structure Association and the construction industry in a number of optoelectronic companies jointly established by optical construction application to build the Commission was formally established in Beijing recently. The committee's main application is to promote the construction of China's photovoltaic industry, the healthy development, including the construction industry to promote optical standards and norms, and so on.

China Construction won the 1168 mu land use 1.8 billion in Wuhan

China Construction began to aggressively enter the real estate market. Yesterday, the ninth this year in Wuhan, land auction, 1400 acres of land led to 17 developers, the China Construction to 1.8 billion to buy Tang Xunhu side of the large total area of 1168 acres of land, is expected to build a low-density mansion district. Auction yesterday, the scene was packed five to a total of 3.65 billion yuan out of the auction, which is located in Gutian, Hanyang Jiangxia Tangxun Hu's four new and three residential sites, as developers target the main contention.

The increasingly fierce international competition, cabinet hardware industry in the future projections

First, China as a global hardware manufacturing hub will be further solid.
With China's integration into the global economic environment to speed up the process, as well as the rapid rise of economic power, China has become the world's most dynamic economic regions. China's economy relatively complete infrastructure, industrial development and labor costs are lower and more mature, has become the world's manufacturing center of the comparative advantages of hardware, hardware manufacturing export-oriented development features clearly.

Fastener industry in the development of the manufacturing industry blowout deposits 74.2 billion business

Some professionals believe that, after the first half of the revival of the steel industry is again faced with the second bottom to the stock of the situation or secondary. According to Chinese customs data, China's August steel exports were 2.08 million tons, ring compared with an increase of 27 million tons, for the first time in a single month this year, breaking two million tons, and showed 3 consecutive months, the chain growth potential.

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