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The dawn of the future of the domestic steel industry faces steel market to stabilize

Some professionals believe that, after the first half of the revival of the steel industry is again faced with the second bottom to the stock of the situation or secondary. According to Chinese customs data, China's August steel exports were 2.08 million tons, ring compared with an increase of 27 million tons, for the first time in a single month this year, breaking two million tons, and showed 3 consecutive months, the chain growth potential.

Wuhan International Building Science and Technology Fair will be organized

People's Network Wuhan September 24 (Xinhua Gu Rong Xian-ming farm) City subway, inter-city light rail, cross-river tunnel, this series of key construction projects to commence building, indicating the construction of Hubei Province, the peak came in full swing. To meet the needs of urban construction, after approval of relevant departments of Wuhan, Wuhan International Building Technology Fair will be held in December in Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center.

NDRC: National Construction tender rate has reached 95%

China's "Tendering and Bidding Law," promulgated 10 years ago, bidding system in the national economy are widely used in various fields, bidding and tendering efficiency improved significantly. Director of the State Development and Reform Commission Zhang Ping, yesterday in "The Second China bidding for high-level forum," said the country had been bidding for construction projects in 2000, the rate of 63% to 95% of the current import electrical equipment-financing rate from section 17.8 % to 21.7%, in order to save a great deal of economic development funds to ensure the project quality.

China-Japan-Korea FTA will accelerate joint research

The second time in China, Japan, South Korea on the 10th summit was held in Beijing's Great Hall. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak and Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, attended the meeting. The meeting chaired by Wen Jiabao. In his speech, Wen initiatives in the following aspects to strengthen the Japan-South Korea cooperation: first, to fulfill the political commitment, enhance strategic mutual trust. Secondly, to strengthen complementary advantages, enhance the level of cooperation between the three countries.

China shady builders pierce prices: just 679 yuan per square meter!

"Building construction cost is 679 per square meter money! Who do not believe, I can put out an invoice, the same operator a clear plot, so that people across the country to see! I tell the inside story on the Internet do not know how many people called me names said lie, it was also threatened me, saying that I should not have broken the 'rules', let me be careful 'dog's head'. I一不做二不休, and then talk about the insider, would like to take Xinhuanet then publicizes the look ... ... I takes numerous. 679 per square meter is 679! "

Building is not energy-saving, to be fined up to 500,000 yuan

Construction of units in violation of building energy efficiency standards, will be ordered to correct and impose more than 200,000 yuan fine of 500,000 yuan. Such punishment, do you think heavier or lighter?

Yesterday, the provincial government Office of Legislative Affairs published the "Hubei implementation of the" The People's Republic of China Energy Conservation Law "means (Amendment)," draft, solicit views of the community. Draft full seven chapters with 92 articles, the whole province to promote energy-saving leap off the paper an urgent mood.

Solar energy to accelerate the integration process with the civil

Counselor of the State Council, China Renewable Energy Society for Shi Ding-wan, September 11 at the China (BIST) solar building integrated forums: "Although our country has building energy conservation as an important strategic task of reducing emissions.

Canada's new regulations reduce VOC emissions from architectural coatings

Canada's Environment Minister JimPrentice announced new regulations to reduce the field of architectural coating products such as paint, coating agents, dyes, varnish, etc. VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions.

"According to auto finishing products to reduce VOC emissions, shows that the Government of Canada once again demonstrated environmental management in order to protect public health commitment to" Prentice Minister said, "because the VOC emissions of smoke, these regulations will help reduce the smog on human health and the environment. "

Construction steel prices in Shanghai market fell

It is reported that 11 construction steel market during the long holidays Shanghai inventories increased significantly for large-scale arrival of the North, including wire (3475, -4.00, -0.11%) higher than the pre-holiday inventories rose by 1.8 million tons of rebar (3644, -46.00 , -1.25%) higher than the pre-holiday inventory increase of 4.5 million tons.

European Union plans to 15 million within a decade for energy-saving buildings

9 The European Commission said the EU planned for the next decade of its member States, 15 million building for energy-saving, as the EU's emission reduction targets to achieve one of the measures.

According to the EU Commission's "Energy Action Plan," the draft, the Commission will launch a "European Architecture Initiative" action in the European Investment Bank's support, the efforts of the member states until 2020 to complete the territory of 15 million energy-saving buildings transformation. Expected that the program will create two million new jobs.

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