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China Construction approved the acquisition of Shell Electric

China, Hong Kong-listed subsidiary of China Overseas Building Development Co., Ltd. Hong Kong listed company acquisition of Shell Electric Manufacturing (Holdings) Co., Ltd. matter has been formally approved by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission.

Qinghai Province made positive progress in solar building applications

Recently, Qinghai Province, the "two basics" tackling County, 25 boarding schools in solar hot water heating projects, through an open Call for technical solutions to optimize the design and public tender be selected in Beijing Bo creative energy technology companies, nine companies responsible for construction marks the implementation of the project has entered a substantive stage.

Macquarie Bank: China's construction industry is buying opportunity

Macquarie Bank believes that the recent amendments to China's construction industry to give investors an attractive buying opportunity, China Railway Construction Corporation is the bank's preferred stock.

5 billion capital increase to build the North Circle Big Mac

Tianjing City:A large multi-functional modern building in the city about the professional business district, built later, the business district will become a set of industrial building hardware, commercial hardware, building materials, home, business matching, etc. Yetai expertise in one of the large modern business district, radiation in North China and the international market.
An annual trading volume of 7 billion yuan

Jiangxi-year target low-cost housing near completion

As of the end of September, our province has started a new low-rent housing units 51000 to complete the task of the annual target 97.7%; operating rate higher than the national average of 28.5 percentage points.

2010 a new residential building energy efficiency should reach 65%

Hebei Province has set the work of building energy-saving short-term goal.

Investment dash "Sure 8 percent" building company will rise

7.1% in the first half of economic growth, 86%, thanks to government investment driven. Analysts said that considering this year's "Paul 8" target, investment in fixed assets in the second half there will be a sprint, building blocks in the large central enterprises will benefit significantly.

Investments continued to maintain upward trend in September

Chinese Construction:increase in consolidated gross profit margin

China Construction recently announced the construction in mid-2009 reported that, during the reporting period the company achieved operating income of 111.327 billion yuan, operating profit of 5.251 billion yuan, net profit attributable to parent all of the 2.346 billion yuan, according to the total issued share capital after dilution to achieve a share income 0.08 yuan. The reporting period, ROE 13.45%, generated from operating activities per share, net cash flows were 0.47 yuan.

Australian Performance of Construction Index in September rose 8.4 points to 50.8 points

At 07:59 on October 7, 2009 [AP] Australian Performance of Construction Index in September rose 8.4 points to 50.8 points, 50 points the first time a key position, with residential construction industry performance index rose in 2007 12 the highest level since the month. NEW YORK, October 7 The Australian Industry Group (AustralianIndustryGroup, AIG) and the Australian Housing Industry Association (HousingIndustryAssociation) 7 released data show that Australia's September Performance of Construction Index rebounded slightly after the index had 18 months emerged decline.

Indonesians suspected of shabby work is one of the reasons causing calamitous

Indonesia's Sumatra earthquake in nearly a week, people began to suspect corruption and shabby work is the serious damage caused by the disaster one of the reasons.

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent branch in Indonesia, head of McGraw said, Indonesia has about 170000-200000 houses damaged in the earthquake, half of which about 90000 were seriously damaged, that is not living a.

He pointed out that if each household has five members to come to terms, because of housing damage and the victims will be directly affected as many as 1 million.

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